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Web Development & Marketing Services

With today's fast paced, growing technology, more people are using their phones or tablets to access the web. That means for any website we make, we must also be mobile friendly for a good experience no matter what device they are on. Over 50% of web traffic is from phones and tablets, so a responsive designed theme is a must. You can count on us to give you that in our fully customized website that is unique from any other website out there. Even after picking a responsive themed template we go through the template css, line by line to assure a customized feel and great design is given to your company. Websites must provide several things like responsive design to show well on phones and tablets. However, they can't only look great, that is just one part of the business that we work with.

The SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) as well as rankings so that your website comes up in searches is not all there is to it either. We will work with you on content if needed for better SEO/SEM as well but remember rankings are only part of a great site. If you don't know that is today's main thing with Google, appropriate content to answer your inquiry that they believe is relevant to your search.

We hope to work with you ongoing to ensure that not only has this all been done with incorporation of other media outlets and such, but also kept modern, and that we can keep an ongoing work for change to provide you with the best marketing through the web including social media and current with web technology. We look to the most popular social media and if you don't have time we also will provide services to make changes to the site such as posting new things for you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, and any others that you would like that may serve your company well. With knowledge of adobe after effects and other video editing software; we can help you with videos for Youtube, and to put on your website directly, perhaps help you with blogging, and possibly help even with podcasts if needed. We suggest even after the site is done that you stay with us awhile to ensure marketing and things like branding your logo across all media outlets so that you get the best marketing available to your business. We will even work with you to keep e-commerce websites up to date with your new products and/or training so that you can do this yourself and not depend on us anymore than you want us to.

ALL these things must be done to have a successful marketing strategy and make the most out of your website and media needs. Our business is not just about making great websites with great design, our goal is a web presence that works with your marketing plans maximized for your companies needs. If your website isn't helping your business then new marketing strategies need to be made up to maximize your profits so that you are getting your money's worth. After all why advertise at all unless your business is being promoted and there is increase in sales? That is what we will work with you to do. With the understanding of costs of our clients in mind for reasonable prices and a full consultation that gets revised, and then put into action routinely for a great relationship with our clients.

Wes D. Sturdevant