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Wes D. Sturdevant
Business Phone: (660) 853-1789 or (660) 425-8057

We require that you pay half down after we have agreed on the price of the project. The remainder will be paid once the website is complete with the agreed details of the project. If you are not able to meet in person to work on it and bring payment, we can accept paypal with the button on the right, or a check/cashiers check in the mail.
Please ask and I will give you my address to send payments to, I don't put my address on this site to keep some privacy. Also ask and we may be able to make a payment plan to work with you. Please do so in advance letting us know when and how you will be making payments. If using paypal be sure to put in the description who it is from and anything important we should know about the payment. Thank you.

Call Us +1 660 853 1789

Pay here with Paypal only when instructed please. Thank you.